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Jeana and Joe’s Private Ranch Wedding | Visalia California Wedding

Jeana and Joe’s private ranch wedding in Visalia, California was an absolute blast. Probably the biggest wedding we’ve been to… ever! And we’ve been to a lot of weddings. Jeana and Joe both come from big families and it was fun seeing all the siblings with their joy and support for the bride and groom. Luckily that support included helping me survive family pictures by wrangling everyone and showing me who’s who. Jeana was an absolutely stunning bride, not to mention completely relaxed and at ease on her wedding day. The two of them were very happy to be celebrating their love surrounded by so many loved ones. When they walked into the reception, the crowds cheers could be heard the next town over. The best men made sidesplitting speeches while the maid and matron of honor got through their emotional comments with grace… barely! The siblings also got their two cents in showing the tightness of these two families as they became one.

Another thing was very clear, Jeana and Joe are absolutely in love. The ceremony was beautiful and then we got to photograph them with their horses, their motorcycle, and in the field behind their home. We’re excited to share these photos including some from the party bus! It was a really fun wedding, we’re so glad we got to be there. Jeana and Joe are easy to be around and a blast to photograph!

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California Ranch Wedding

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California Ranch Wedding Visalia-Wedding-Photographer-10




California Ranch Wedding

Visalia-Wedding-Photographer-16 California Ranch Wedding

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California Ranch Wedding

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Visalia Wedding Photographer Visalia-Wedding-Photographer-25

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Visalia Wedding Photographer Visalia Wedding Photographer Visalia Wedding Photographer Visalia Wedding Photographer


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We definitely have to give a shout out to all of the amazing vendors that made this day happen! What amazing teamwork and planning!

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