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Whether you’re looking for pictures of adventures for your products or your walls, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in capturing people in nature and the adventurous lifestyle.

pictures of adventures

Below are some stories and photos of adventures we’ve captured as Colorado adventure photographers. From Colorado landscape photography to travel adventure photography, you’ll find some information on what it’s like to be an adventure cameraman in a place of rugged beauty.

our style of outdoor photography

Our adventure photography style grew to include a focus on people in nature, travel, the mountain lifestyle, and capturing adventurous couples. Basically, we specialize in outdoor photography with a human element. Adding a human to a landscape has a way of bringing scale and emotion to the photo.

Whether we’re shooting mountain biking or climbing photography, we like to highlight both the stunning landscape and the impact that adventure can have. The outdoors can teach us about ourselves and we like to show that in our images. The best adventure photographers seem to make something seem both aspirational and attainable at the same time.

We strive to create images that are both approachable and motivating.

In order to achieve that, we love to plan shoots in stunning landscapes and great light. We always want to shoot sunrise and sunset when it makes sense. And then we look at the story we’re trying to tell whether that’s to inspire people to try something new or motivate action such as protecting the environment

building our photography business

We started our own business in 2011 and went full-time a few years after. It’s one thing to call yourself a professional photographer and quite another to feel that way! Being a freelance photographer means that one works as a self-employed photographer for their own business.

I think sometimes the building the business part can be overlooked when in reality it’s a big part of it. Being a “camera and lens for hire” means that we’re constantly trying to find new clients and build our business. Whether we’re going travel photography or brand photography for a small business we not only have to take great photos but serve our clients well.

The first time we got published in a magazine like Backpacker we were so excited. Gradually our goals and hopes grew and now we try to find clients that are a good value fit. The industry is competitive because there are many aspiring photographers that will work for minimal money but there are always clients that value what we do enough to pay us.

tips for adventure photography

start taking photos

If you want to be an adventure photographer, the key is to start practicing. It’s taken us over a decade to build a skill set to serve our clients in the way that we do now. It takes time to build the skills needed and you can build your business along the way.

You’ll learn more about things like camera settings.

keep your gear simple

Having the right equipment isn’t about having the most expensive gear. You just need gear that allows to you capture what you intend. Whether that’s shooting long exposures of the stars or switching between photo and video, you need gear that doesn’t slow you down. We embraced mirrorless cameras, for example, because they’ve made life both easier and better.

think about the story

Having a passion for the outdoors, photographers generally like to show how epic something is. As I mentioned above, it’s also beneficial to think about what the photo is saying. Are you sharing how epic a professional athlete is or are you inspiring new adventurers to get outside? Having purpose and lookig for moments will help guide your creativity.


You can’t just have a great idea and expect people to buy it. Similarly, you can’t just post on social media, throw up a website, and expect to get hired. Small businesses have countless avenues for marketing making it both easier than ever and more challenging than ever.

embrace the ride

Many photographers don’t realize that while you can control shutter speed, there is so much more that you can’t control about the job. One project might be better than another, some years are better than other years, and some lighting is impossible to control even with all the preplanning. You have to be flexible just as you are when you head out to explore.

risk and failure are part of being an artist

When we first decided to pursue photography the stakes were low. We would practice by giving ourselves an assignment and we would look everywhere for advice and insight. We had absolutely no idea what we were getting into trying to turn a hobby into a career and profession. Being a passionate person helps because you have to embrace risk and move beyond failure at every turn.

work hard and have fun

It’s helpful to remember that good photographers don’t just get the shot. Talent is good but if you have fun finding inspiration and making friends you’ll be more likely to find success. The photograph is only part of it, you also need knowledge of people and the ability to be fun to work with.

keep in touch

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