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3m Curve Colorado Wedding | Alex and Joe

Today I get to shoot this adorable 3m Curve Colorado Wedding. 3m Curve is a popular wedding and elopement location in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado. Getting married in the National Park is a pretty spectacular experience.

Alex and Joe are a laid-back, low-maintenance, and adorable couple! They are both fun and funny and could’t stop smiling. Maybe that’s because they were getting married in an incredibly beautiful location?

3m curve colorado wedding

Here is a preview from this incredible RMNP wedding. As you’ll see it was sort of an elopement or a micro wedding of sorts. The guest list was minimal but sometimes it’s all about quality over quantity.

Alex and Joe kicked things off with a short and casual ceremony. Then we explored a few fun spots in the National Park for some great memories and images. What you may or may not be able to see if the photos is that the previous day as warm and sunny, meanwhile their wedding day was a little chilly!

That didn’t stop these two from having an awesome day. They are now officially a “we” and I can tell that they make a great team for all of life’s serious and hilarious moments.

elope in estes park

As you see, these two chose to elope in Estes Park. Estes Park is a sweet little Colorado mountain town at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Due to its incredible beauty, Estes Park plays host to adventurous couples looking to tie the know.

You can see from the photos why eloping in Estes Park is appealing and it won’t be hard to find a venue or isolated spot to say I do. Let me tell you what I mean.

rocky mountain national park wedding venue that’s not a venue

There are a lot of great wedding venues you can check out some of them on our Rocky Mountain National Park wedding photography guide. However, for those looking for something simple, the National Park actually makes it pretty easy to make it happen. They have all of their rules and permit information stated clearly on their website.

What I love about RMNP is that having everything stated clearly is a win-win. Everyone knows the rules and is working together to make sure this beautiful location doesn’t get too overrun with brides and photographers trampling the tundra or provoking the elk. Photographers and couples can easily get permits, the park can know that we’re there and easily inform us of rules and regulations.

Here’s more Estes Park wedding photography that you may enjoy. This Back Canyon Inn wedding in Estes Park features one of our favorite venues.

3m curve

3m Curve is one of the locations that the National Park designates as a spot for wedding ceremonies. They have a maximum number of permits that they issue so plan early and consider weekdays when the park is less crowded. The permit only allows you for 15 people and 3 cars at 3m curve.

The site is 3.5 miles from Beaver Meadows visitor center and while there’s a short hike from the car it’s fairly easy to access if you wear sturdy shoes and can step over a few rocks.

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