Mt Evans Wedding Adventure

Mt Evans Wedding Adventure | Sarah and Adam

This Mt Evans wedding adventure is a day we won’t soon forget. As we watched the forecast, we knew it would make for a breathtaking outdoor photography challenge. While such challenges make our hearts race, they also inspire us.

As we drove up the mountain racing the storm we encountered a stunning rainbow. Then, all was calm at the lake creating the perfect setting to make Sarah and Adams marriage official. We shot a few portraits as the fog rolled in blocking our view of Mt Evans.

Then, like gleeful children we ran through the rain to the cars to find an interesting patch of fog to photograph. Luckily these two are lovers of Lord of the Rings because the landscape looked like a scene from middle-earth. I think… they’ll let us know when they get back from their honeymoon!

With the plan thrown out the window we explored a few places on our way back to Evergreen finding a few patches of warm sunlight to top off the day. Sarah and Adam weren’t phased by the need to be flexible and they adapted quite quickly. I guess when you’re getting married, nothing else really matters.

Sometimes I think we get wrapped up in expectations of what our experience of something should be. It’s much harder and yet much more rewarding to be in the moment. Especially moments like these… enjoy!

mt evans wedding adventure photography

This Mt Evans wedding adventure shows the true beauty of Colorado. It’s not perfect or easy. Sometimes it’s messy but it’s always an adventure.

The Flowers were by MJM Designs!

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