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Good Light for Great Wedding Photos

Good Light for Great Wedding Photos
In the last few wedding advice posts we’ve been sharing some tips for wedding planning. Today, we’re excited to share some tips on good light for great wedding photos. Obviously, we believe that hiring a good photographer is the key! However, there are always things that you can do to make any photos a little bit better. Today we are talking about light. Photography i[...]

Katie & Mike’s Intimate Boulder Colorado Wedding

Katie & Mike's Intimate Boulder Colorado Wedding
My eyes are watering as I prep these photos for the blog. Partially because Spring has clearly arrived in Colorado and partially because Katie and Mike's intimate Boulder Colorado wedding was such a joyous event. They said their vows at Chautauqua joined only by their immediate families. (And of course their wedding photographers / self-appointed honorary family membe[...]

TJ and Whitney’s Springtime Yosemite Wedding

TJ and Whitney's Springtime Yosemite Wedding
Nothing says spring like a wet day in Yosemite appreciating epic waterfalls. This winter rejuvenated California and set the scene for Tj and Whitney's springtime Yosemite wedding. The waterfalls were raging and the meadows were... well, flooded! Water was everywhere overflowing like the love of this couple. I often talk about how much I love getting to know a couple o[...]

Conquering Wedding Guest List Challenges

Conquering Wedding Guest List Challenges
Today we’re talking about one of the big stresses of wedding planning, the guest list. If you haven’t already read our post on the 3 secrets of managing wedding stress, that’s a good place to start. It’s about getting in the right frame of mind before getting sucked into the details. A big detail such as wedding guest list challenges brings up a lot of questions: [...]

Louise and John’s Elegant Sequoia National Park Engagement PhotoDate

Louise and John's Elegant Sequoia National Park Engagement PhotoDate
I can't wait to introduce you to Louise, John, and Zander. They are one classy couple with an adorably giant dog! Louise and John were a blast to get to know and to photograph. And Zander was downright lovable. We are blown away by the couples we get to work with and the love we get to celebrate. In general, I really enjoy hearing stories about how a couple met. Conse[...]